Amenities in locale that makes your apartment valuable

            You might have done some site visits in recent days. So what could be your priorities while searching for an apartment in Kochi? Most of the buyers will check the common or the basic amenities in that specific location. So, when we choose to buy an apartment, usually we spend most of the time is analyzing the features and amenities of the flat.

            Along with the amenities and specifications, the purchaser should check the features and benefits of the neighbourhood.

Here are a few things you should check out.

Location Specifications:

For example if you are planning to purchase an apartment in Kadavanthra, your priority might be the “location”. That means, you are planning to purchase an apartment which have easy access to the other prime locations. Likewise, most of us have these kind of priorities while purchasing.

Kadavanthra Junction: 1.3KM
Kaloor Junction: 2.7KM
Vytilla Junction: 3.1KM


            Before buying an apartment, you need to check the transportation facilities to the apartments. For example, if you are depending on the public transportation facilities, then you need to consider the distance to the bus stop, or the railway station or some others.

            Nearest Bus stop: within 1KM
            South Railway Station: 2.9KM
            South Bus Stand: 3 KM
            North Railway Station: 3.2KM
            Kaloor Bus Stand: 2.7KM
            Vytilla Hub: 3.1KM
            Kaloor Metro Station: 2.7KM


            The purchaser should check whether the apartment is in an area, where the daily using articles like vegetables, groceries and others are easily available. You can also check the proximity towards the famous shopping malls or bigger shops.

            More Hypermarket: 1.2KM
            Supplyco : 1.4KM


            If you are buying an apartment in kadavanthra, for example, the flat shouldn’t be far from the good schools and other educational institutes. Even if the buyers don’t have a children, the quality of the nearby schools will definitely impact the price of the property.

            Kendriya Vidyalaya: 1.1KM
            Matha Nagar Public School : 1.1KM
            Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir: 2.6KM
            Maharaja’s College: 4.1KM
            St Teresa's College: 3.1KM
            St. Albert's College: 3.8KM

Employment Opportunity:

            Our Kochi have more than hundreds of companies, and the number of companies will definitely grow in the upcoming days. Proximity to these employment hubs will increase the value of your apartment.

            Infopark: 11.9KM
            Infopark, Kaloor Stadium: 3.7KM


            Your living space should be nearer to the hospital in case of any emergencies. Even though, the hospital isn’t a day to day need, but the proximity to the hospitals have impact the value of the your apartment.

            Silverline Hospital: 1.5KM
            Indira Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital: 1.4KM
            Lisie Hospital: 3KM

Crime Rate:

            The decrease in crime rate in a location will increase the value of the apartment. Everyone wishes to buy an apartment with low crime rate.

            Before buying an apartment in kadavanthra, Kochi, consider all the above mentioned points too. Hope you have gained some information while reading this blog. Keep reading.

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