Amenities in locale that makes your apartment valuable

You might have done some site visits in recent days. So what could be your priorities while searching for an apartment in Kochi? Most of the buyers will check the common or the basic amenities in that specific location. So, when we choose to buy an apartment, usually we spend most of the time is analyzing the features and amenities of the flat.
Along with the amenities and specifications, the purchaser should check the features and benefits of the neighbourhood.
Here are a few things you should check out.
Location Specifications:
For example if you are planning to purchase an apartment in Kadavanthra, your priority might be the “location”. That means, you are planning to purchase an apartment which have easy access to the other prime locations. Likewise, most of us have these kind of priorities while purchasing.
Proximity: Kadavanthra Junction: 1.3KM Kaloor Junction: 2.7KM Vytilla Junction: 3.1KM
Before buying an apartment, you need to check the transportation facilities t…

Checklist for apartment buyers in Kochi

When you are planning to buy a new apartment in Kochi, you are aware that this apartment will be you home for the rest of the life. When you decided to invest your earned money on purchasing an apartment, consider the following factors carefully. Things to consider while buying an apartment in Kochi
1. Government Approvals
When you make an appointment for visiting your shortlisted apartment, make sure the developer grant you the government approved documents of the property.
2. Builders Reputation
Once you are shortlisted, make sure that the selected builders have good reputation. This is an important factor while considering before making the purchase. You can get to know about the builders reputation by reviewing their profiles. They must have historical records, previous client satisfaction forms, amenity lists, building quality etc.
Check the following factors about the builders:
1.Has the builders constructed sufficient number of projects?
2.Is the quality of the proje…

The Future of Apartments Located in Kochi

With the rising number of luxury apartments in Kochi, Kochi became popular in the real estate sector. As we know, Kochi
or Cochin, is an emerging city in Kerela. Kochi has gained a makeover by the introduction of Kochi Metro Rail. This second
biggest city of Kerala is considered as the best city to attract both national and international tourists. Apart from the tourism
sector, Kochi’s growth in technical side forced people to move to Kochi.

Real Estate is thriving every year and it has resulted in invest more in and around the city. Cochin has raising as a major city
for the residential and commercial properties.

4 Reasons to invest in Kochi

Kochi Metro

The 25 Km, long stretch between Aluva and Petta, is a promising corridor for the growth of real estate in Kochi.

Smart City and Infopark

The Infopark and Smart City have this revolutionize the job market in Kerala. Thousands of people from different parts of
Kerala works in infopark.

Booming of micro market

The micro markets booming in th…

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