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Checklist for apartment buyers in Kochi

When you are planning to buy a new apartment in Kochi, you are aware that this apartment will be you home for the rest of the life. When you decided to invest your earned money on purchasing an apartment, consider the following factors carefully. Things to consider while buying an apartment in Kochi
1. Government Approvals
When you make an appointment for visiting your shortlisted apartment, make sure the developer grant you the government approved documents of the property.
2. Builders Reputation
Once you are shortlisted, make sure that the selected builders have good reputation. This is an important factor while considering before making the purchase. You can get to know about the builders reputation by reviewing their profiles. They must have historical records, previous client satisfaction forms, amenity lists, building quality etc.
Check the following factors about the builders:
1.Has the builders constructed sufficient number of projects?
2.Is the quality of the proje…